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The outer planets and the inner planets have always had a feud, and the outer planets think its about time earth comes over to their side - whether she wants it or not. 

Face off in multiplayer pvp in 2 different modes!

*Note: Due to issues with steam, I was unable to integrate online matchmaking. 

If you want to play with players outside of your LAN, you will need to click "Quick Match" and then have your friends join using the "Join IP" button.

Massive thanks to DebellicA for the Join IP idea.

Gameplay trailer in the works...

 - Deathmatch - Earn earth's affection by defeating the most planets within the time limit

- Planetary Defense - As a defender, protect earth from the outer planets, or, as an attacker, steal earth for yourself!


 - WASD - Movement

 - Mouse - View controls (3rdperson camera)

 - Left Shift - Boost

 - C - Build

 - Left Mouse Button - Shoot

 - 1, 2 - Toggle active weapon

Gamepad Controls (In game only; no UI support):

 - Left thumbstick axis: Movement controls

 - Right thumbstick axis: Look controls

 - Press left thumbstick: Boost

 - Press right thumbstick: Build

 - Right face button: Weapon 1

 - Top face button: Weapon 2

 - Right shoulder: Fire weapon

Install instructions

Download format is a zip file. You will need to extract the folder 'shiversoft_planetary_combat" to run the game.


Planetary Combat - v4.2.0.69 614 MB

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